11 Reasons to Date a Bookworm

Bookworms often get a bad rap. We’ve been stereotyped as studious, bespectacled creatures who are socially awkward, unaware of the world around us, and perpetually hunched over words on a page. Sure, we are known to have broken hearts when we end a relationship with a book and its characters. And yes, we’d definitely prefer one of Gatsby’s parties to a mediocre birthday bash. But our love of literature also gives us some rather unique qualities — ones that are especially great with regards to relationships. Let me explain. Sure, bookworms are great people to have in your circle, especially if you’re looking for a new book to read or series to obsess over. And you can count on your book-obsessed friends to happily drive a few hours to a reading and wait in a long line with you just so that you can meet your favorite author and have them sign your copy of their tome. But those who are lucky enough to date a bookworm get a special set of perks okay, and maybe a few challenges — but the good stuff outweighs ’em, trust me. Here are 10 true things about dating someone who always has her head proudly buried in a book:.

7 Reasons To Date A Bookworm

I am a self-proclaimed book reading machine. I would much rather spend time expanding my mind than killing brain cells at the bar. The type of reader I am describing is eclectic, in the sense that their reading interests lie in many different genres and author types. Admittedly I am drawing much of my conclusion from personal experience, but I think they apply to many other readers out there as well:.

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14 Enlightening Truths You Need To Know Before Dating A Bookworm

Dating individuals who cannot live without reading books might pose a slight challenge at first. Bookworms, also known as bibliophiles, tend to spend as much time as they can with their books. They are the ones who cannot be parted with reading, no matter where they are: in trains, buses, planes, waiting in queue, waiting for their next classes. In fact, you will never see them not preoccupied because they will find time to peek into the lives of their favorite characters, wherever they may be!

Here are some ways you can dive into their world to make your dates mutually enjoyable!

Alikewise: The #1 Dating Site for Bookworms. Don’t judge a book by its cover. While most dating sites match their members by things like location and age.

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3 Reasons To Date A Bookworm

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When I started dating my bookworm girlfriend, I thought we would mostly be on common ground. As a medical student, I’ve learned to keep a.

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11 Date Ideas For Bookworm Couples That Perfectly Match Your Interests

Ah, for those days…. We have completely different perspectives on what the library means. Bookstores are even worse. Multiple books are a vacation must for a bookworm, even when you have a Kindle. While I am trying my best to get back into books for pleasure, my other interests include medicine, playing music, travelling on the cheap, and eating the most unhealthy foods of cultures all around the world.

Welcome to Book Lovers. The dating site for people who love books.

Dinner-and-a-movie and Netflix-and-chill can be perfectly adequate dates, but if you’ve spent your whole life captivated by the love stories in novel after novel, those more typical dates may sometimes fall short. As avid readers, you and bae have probably read about countless intricate and out-of-this-world dates that may make you feel like you want a little more oomph from your date nights every once in a while.

Which is why these date ideas for bookworm couples are ideal when it comes to planning a date that flawlessly encompasses everything you love about books. Granted, some of these dates might tailor to different stages of a relationship, like when you’re still getting to know each other or further down the line once you’ve already been together for some time. But regardless, spicing up your date nights by going on dates that are influenced by some of your favorite novels can make for gorgeous memories.

Not to mention, bookworm dates often don’t need to go through a thorough planning process. They can be spontaneous, which is incredibly novel-esque. So, if you’re looking for a unique date for you and your book-lover love without the fuss of planning a date with a lot of moving parts, you may want to consider trying any of these 11 ideas. Whether you live in a big city, a small town, or somewhere in between, your local bookstore is probably a town staple.

It’s the perfect place to disappear with your books in one hand and your coffee in the other, but it can also be a pretty cool date spot — especially for bookworms. Peruse each aisle hand-in-hand, and find and compare your favorite books. You can even make it a game to choose a book for each other that you think the other would like.

Dating for People who Love Books

Last Updated: July 10, References. This article was co-authored by Laura Bilotta. With over 18 years of date coaching experience, Laura specializes in dating etiquette, relationships, and human behavior. This article has been viewed 8, times. Some people may feel intimidated by the prospect of dating an avid reader.

definitely undeniable. You can’t and shall not separate us! So here are the top 8 obvious things you need to know about dating a bookworm.

Judging off my own personality, as well as some of my other bookish friends, dating a bookworm is probably not the easiest thing. Books are really sweet gifts, and though we can be a little picky about what we read, we appreciate even the thought and effort if someone buys a book for us. So yeah, pls buy me some books :. Favourite characters who authors kill, characters which are way too cute and way out of our league, or just, couples which are too goddamned cute to exist- we always have something to burst into tears about.

Or, you know, at least pretend. I would love to have someone to drag around with me just so that I can scream to someone other than myself without looking crazy, and so that I can gush to someone about the pretty covers. Just go along with a bookworm to a library and let them rest their head on your shoulder and read the book, and I promise, that would be like, their all time favourite date.

So just ignore the sane voice in your head telling you to help the person first, just save the book and we will be eternally grateful. Do you agree with me? Does your partner do these things?

When You Date a Bookworm – Part 2